WiMo X-Quad Feed Pics

Some notes I made on the WiMo X-Quad's...

I had a quick go at assembling them.

All the info's in German, so that's not much good to me. I scanned the important looking bits into an OCR and translated them into Pidgin English using Babelfish - and I was still non the wiser.

Attached are three pics of the business end of the 70cm antenna. The 2m one's the same, just bigger. 2788 is looking directly down the boom, with the reflector closest. 2789 is a view of the bottom of the antenna, and 2790 is a view of the top.

The left had N type is for Horizontal, the right N type for vertical polarization. Interestingly, for H & V polarization, the directors are still in an 'X' at 45 degrees as shown in the pics, as opposed to a more standard '+'.

So I guess there's two differences to a normal quagi...

(1) feed is at center of quad driven element rather than at the perimeter. Lengths of sides of quad: 9" on 70cm.

(2) Parasitic elements are at 45 degrees to horizontal & vertical planes - almost like the old Parabeams of 15 years ago.


fig 2788


fig 2789


fig 2790