Ultimate Arrow?

(updated 20 August 2000)

Gives you an idea of what I'm on about.


Arrows up and ready to go. The upturned trash can holds all the preamps, coax switches, power splitters and polarization switchers. The domed building on the right is the Brompton Oratory.


Close up of one of the Arrows. You can see the heat shrink over the BNC connection.


The Arrows in all their glory atop the Yaesu G-5500 rotator. You can see the mobile 6/2/70 triband atop the rotator. You can see the coax from a 10m wire dipole to the right for those RS-13 and RS-15 QSOs. The decorative building behind is my next door neighbour, the Victoria and Albert Museum.


View from behind. Check out all those TV sat dishes, none of which are mine. I counted over 20 up there. The dome in the middle left is the top of the Royal Albert Hall.

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