Satellite Rename Utility

Use this Win32 console program to rename the following amateur satellites into the more common Celestrack names from the Keplerian elements (with names) retrieved from

AO-07, AO-10, UO-11, RS-10/11,FO-20, RS-12/13, RS-15, FO-29, SO-33, AO-40, UO-14, AO-16, WO-18, LO-19, UO-22, KO-23, AO-27, IO-26, KO-25, TO-31, GO-32, UO-36, AO-37, SO-41, MO-46, SO-42, NO-44, AO-49, SO-50, PO-34, ISS, WO-39, OO-38, NO-45, AO-51

Source code (2k)

Executable (32k)


From a command prompt:

satrename <infile >outfile

You must use the '<' and '>' file redirection characters.

The input file _must_ be a different file to the output file!