UK National Space Centre Amateur Radio Society contact with the International Space Station 4 April 2003

Created 9 April 2003

Some video and audio: (sorry, some of my original stiff is uncut so is a bit rough!)


*New Thanks to the National Space Centre (this is the best quality audio): 

issmedia na1ss contact1.mp3 (800kb)

Old echoy audio:

ISS030404-01-8kbps-8kHz.mp3 (322Kb)

ISS030404-01-32kbps-24kHz.mp3 (1.2Mb)


isslowbandwidth.rm (1Mb)

isslowbandwidth.wmv (4Mb)

isshighbandwidth.mpg (21Mb)


Explaining the tracking system


Huge 12' telly!


Andy G0SFJ explains it all


Kirsty practicing her QSO skills with John G7HIA


The happy throng


Proof we did it!

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