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Build an Entire AO-40 Ground Station for less than $500 (Created 30 July 2001)

Using an IC-R3 to receive AO-40 S-Band (Updated 26 June 2001)

Modify Analog Sky TV dish for AO-40 S Band (Updated 11 June 2001)

AO-40 Transmit & Receive Portable Station (Created 21 May 2001)

Kenwood TH-F6A at Dayton (Created 18 May 2001)

Pictorial Evidence of December 13 2000 Incident Explains how AO-40 Popped its Cork (tongue in cheek) (Created 8 May 2001)

mIRC Installation notes for #amsat - 480K WordPad document (Created 4 May 2001)

Are you ready for AO-40? (Created 3 May 2001)

Modify your Arrow to an AO-40 Portable Mode L/S Antenna (Update 5 May 2001)

When I was a Young Chap (Created 8 April 2001)

Portable Satellite Prediction, Doppler Tuning, and the FT-817 (Updated 6 April 2001)

AO-16 U-Band 1200 BPSK - 2.5Mb (Updated 30 March 2001)

UO-11 S-Band carrier only - 404K (Updated 25 March 2001)

AO-16 S-Band with G6LVB manual doppler - 376K (Updated 25 March 2001)

AO-40 S-Band - there's something there - honestl - 478K (Updated 28 April 2001)

Live UO-14/AO-27 Video/Audio Link From London (Not always on - if you'd like this switched on for any particular passes e-mail me!) (Created 8 March 2001)

Satellite Antenna System MkII (Updated 25 February 2001)

LX & 3A Ops (Created 5 February 2001)

Symek IFD & FT-847 installation notes & Pics (Created 2 February 2001)

Paccomm TNC-NB96 mods for 38.4kbps operation (Updated 31 January 2001)

GH Engineering 2W & 18W 23cm Amplifiers (Updated 1 January 2001)

S Band Portable Receiving Station (Updated 31 December 2000)

WispDDE info (Updated 25 March 2001)

AO40 Telemetry Query - Very Experimental! (Updated 30 December 2000)

GH Engineering 72W 23cms Amp (Updated 27 December 2000)

Toys - FT-817 (Updated 31 December 2000)

More pics of new toy put to work - FT-817 (Updated 16 December 2000)

Ultimate Arrow - Piccies of two Arrow antennas in a permanent installation (updated 20 August 2000)

AMSAT-UK Colloquium G0AUK working UO14 (W2RS at the mike) (updated 29 July 2000)

Remote polarization switching notes (updated 26 May 2000)

How I remotely control my antennas and other mast mounted devices Part I (updated 26 May 2000)

How I remotely control my antennas and other mast mounted devices Part II (updated 20 August 2000)

Detailed description and schematics of remote coax controller (updated 10 September 2000)

Download software for remote coax controller (updated 10 September 2000)

Interfacing the Paccomm TNC NB-96 & PSK-1 satellite combo to the FT-847 (updated 10 September 2000)

Using the FT-847 to access Satellites (updated 26 May 2000)

The 'Stellar Artois' Automatic Satellite Tracking using a Meade ETX125 Telescope and an Arrow Antenna (updated 14 June 2000)

The G6LVB Shack (updated 16 June 2000)

What the RS15 beacon sounds like (update 19 June 2000)

FO-29 Digitalker Cookoo This is JAS-2 (updated 15 August 2000)

LO-19 CW downlink with FodTrack doppler correction (updated 20 August 2000)

AO-27 downlink 436.792MHz beacon with no doppler correction when in engineering mode (in case you were interested!) (updated 23 August 2000)

Extending the TX on the European IC706mkIIG (updated 23 August 2000)

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