GH Engineering 2W and 18W 23cm Amplifiers

(Updated 1 January 2001)

Theses amps were supplied from GH Engineering and I picked both up at the 2000 Leiceseter Rally in September 2000.

There's some drilling and tapping of the heatsink to do on each unit, which takes care and patience (see GH Engineering 72W 23cm Amplifier for a lot of the constructional issues). Each unit too me an evening to construct.

Both units worked first time, and construction for both is very similar.

I used surplus semi-rigid SMA coax assemblies and bulkhead SMA adaptors to connect the PCB to the outside world. On the PCB itself I used PCB mounting SMA sockets and did a hack saw and snipping job on them to solder directly onto the PCB.

The 2W amp is really designed specifically for use with the G1MFG G1MFG style 50mW TV transmitters. It has an attenuator on the input as the module used only expects up to 10mW maximum in. Cost: GBP74.

Close up of the 2W unit


The 2W unit (top) giving out over 4W with 50mW in (Meter on 5W setting)

The 18W amp is similar in construction to the 2W amp, but with a different module, expecting about 1 or 2 watts in. Cost: GBP88.

Close up of the 18W amp. I really do need some more practice with semi rigid!


17W out (Meter on 20W setting)

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