G6LVB Shack Configuration: Installed 13 August 2000, Documentation updated 20 August 2000


A big change since May. Those DCI filters are now at the mast before the preamps, and I now have absolutely no pager/trunk intermod on 2m or 70cm.

The polarization switches are in place going to a couple of Arrow antennas. Those Arrows are awesome! I can pretty much work horizon to horizon without any fading at all. If I do get fading, a quick flick of the polarization switch and it's resolved.

I had tried to put all 2m elements on one boom and the 70cm elements on the other but I just couldn't get a decent SWR.

I've written some very basic PC software to switch the remote controller functions in and out. Beats the heck out of working out what ASCII code to use from Hyperterminal:

The jury rig I placed atop the rotator to take a vertical wasn't really up to the Diamond X5000, so a more modest Comet SB-14 triband mobile whip is up there for now.

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