Extending the TX on the European IC-706MkIIG

Updated 23 August 2000

Here's the mod I did of the 706MkIIG European version shown here for the benefit of a couple of people. I did it  so I could use it in the US back in May 2000. Sorry it's a bit vague in parts, but it shows what it should turn out like...

Well let me see... I did three mods after each other: my 706Mk2G, the T81E and a D7E, all (remarkably!) successful, but my brain's not entirely in gear to remember *exactly* which diode(s) came out.
I do remember that the description was a bit vague though, and I spent a bit of time working out exactly where they were talking about.
I've just had a look and taken this photo (after doing the mod of course):

The diodes are marked in pink. This is a view taken with the front of the radio at the bottom, looking down with the loudspeaker side up. There's only the one diode left (position 5 from the left) in the uniform row of 11 diode positions. I think I only removed one or perhaps two diodes.

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