AO-40 Mobile

Created 12 August 2003

I bought a 12V camera pan and tilt head off ebay and an old 2' INMARSAT dish at Dayton 2003. The pan and tilt head takes only 8 seconds to fully turn. Inside the head I've put in some power Darlingtons and logic to make it behave like a Yaesu/Kenpro G-5x00 rotator.

To make it turn as the vehicle moves, there's a Garmin Etrex Vista which includes a fluxgate compass as well as GPS heading indication which, when combined with the output of a real time satellite pass prediction program and the Las Vegas Boulevard Tracker (TM), corrects the dish position as you drive along. This was demonstrated at the AMSAT-UK Colloquium in late July 2003. And yes, I am totally nuts.

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