Japan Ham Fair 2003

Created 25 August 2003

Akihabara Pics Here...

AOR had some new TV modules for the AR-5000 and AR-8600 receivers.

The world's biggest radio? Got my greasy mits on an IC-7800 - Mmm, nice. Its VGA output was plugged into the huge plasma screen behind. Those meters, although on a TFT LCD display, behave like the real thing.

The quality, quantity and price of second hand gear will pay for your airfare

I bought a pristine FT-790RII with matching FL7025 25W amp for Yen 15000 ($115, 75) from this booth. And a 50W dual band 2m/70cm linear amp for $90/60.

The quantity of kit was not lacking at all. My favourite purchase was a Belcom LS 702 all mode 70cm HT and matching mobile amplifier unit. Both Steve and I thought that I was dreaming when I suggested we should be on the look out for this.

...stacks of 2nd hand gear...

Steve VK6WN eyeing up a radio or ten

Kenwood's new HTs

6m is big in Japan - I found three different 6m AM groups, and loads of 6m gear.

6m only for sale on this booth...

...6m AM nuts only...

...6m only...

...more 6m only...

...yes, it's still only 6m gear...

...still more 6m gear

Live real RTTY with the odour of machine oil - ah, that took me back

Electronic components sold by the kg - Yen 1000/kg (~$7.50/kg, 5/kg)

This guy's serious about his Collins kit

Don't ask me how this antenna works - dual band models from 2m to 13cm

Another weird antenna - this time made from frying pans for 5 & 10GHz.

JAMSAT gave me a very warm welcome - domo arigato!

AO-40 Portable

QRV to the max

Oops - looks like I'll need some new luggage.

Christmas just came early

All courtesy of Virgin Atlantic's frequent flyer club: propping up the bar at 35,000' on a free ticket is just great.

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