Operating UO-22 without a TNC

Created 23 September 2002

Uploaded 28 April 2003


With full acknowledgement to Don Woodward KD4APP for suggesting this method.


The story so far:



Radio Setup:

·                    Make sure the radio is setup for 9600bps filtering

·                    Use of the mic or speaker connections will not work!


PC Hardware Setup:

·                    Check that you are using line in & line out: mic in and speaker connections will have filtering which will make encoding/decoding impossible

·                    Check that your Null modem cable works: setup two Hyperterminal sessions and check that they talk to each other.


WispDDE is optional and is only used for Doppler correction and rotator control.


Wisp software setup:

·                    Setup->Satellite Setup

·                    Edit UO-22, or New if not already setup

·                    UO-22 Properties->General (set Name, Type, State, Broadcast & BBS callsigns)


·                    UO-22 Properties->Scheduling (set priority 1)


·                    Frequencies (note at the time of writing the u/l freq is 145.975)


·                    TNC Settings (Set port, speed & TNC type)


·                    Directories (default settings)


·                    MSPE Settings (default settings)


·                    SatGate (default settings)


MixW software setup:

·                    Version: 2.06

·                    Mode->Packet (checked)

·                    Mode->Mode Settings->General (set callsign)


·                    Mode->Mode Settings->Parameters (TxTail 100ms, Enable Full duplex)


·                    Mode->Mode Settings->Beacon/Monitor (set callsign)


·                    Mode->Mode Settings->TNC, Custom AFSK (Enable KISS TNC on TNC emulation port)


·                    Configure->Soundcard Settings (Select soundcard, set sample rate 22025, Full duplex checked, disabled unchecked)


·                    Configure->TNC Emulation (COM1, 19200, Echo unchecked, Disable unchecked, RTS always on, DTR always on, Hardware flow control unchecked)


·                    Configure->TRCVR PTT/CAT…


·                    Press Details button to set the PTT port



·                    Wisp seems to have problems with COM ports above COM9, but MixW is OK with COM ports above COM9

·                    WispDDE versions 4.07 and above are OK up to COM20. Prior to this COM9 was the upper limit.

·                    If you have a 9600bps hardware TNC, use it to check the MixW software is decoding & encoding OK first (eg, TH-D7)

·                    Get your TX & RX sound levels right!

·                    I haven’t managed to get the MixW COM port emulator to work with Wisp.

·                    Wisp: if you enter the frequencies on the first time into setting up the satellite, it will not take. After setting up the other stuff, edit the satellite and then enter them.


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