The Las Vegas Boulevard Tracker 2

Created 16 August 2005

** I am looking for people to test the LVB Tracker 2! You will need to have a working original LVB Tracker, and a  pin compatible PIC 18F2620-I/SP chip that replaces your existing PIC.

The original LVB Tracker has sold over 150 PCBs and kits. After speaking with both existing users and potential new users, one of the items on the wish-list has been autonomous tracking. Until recently, putting this functionality onto a PIC device has not been possible due to the limited program ROM and RAM available. Newer PIC devices have since become available allowing the implementation not only of James Miller's G3RUH Plan13 algorithms (ported to C by Edson Pereira, N1VTN) but also some of John Magliacane's KD3BD Predict algorithms determining both next AOS and LOS.

A portable LVB Tracker 2 including a built in GPS

LVB Tracker 2 improvements:

o    Autonomous rotator tracking: will track satellites with the built-in G3RUH Plan-13 tracking algorithms

o    Can be used with a GPS device to automatically update position and time

o    Uses the original LVB Tracker PCB

o    Can be used in a portable, battery operated mode: two AAA's run the device for up to nine hours

o    Simple menu style operation: simply select the satellite that you wish to track with the up and down buttons, then hit the OK button

o    Automatic tracking function allows you to select from satellites that are currently visible from your location

o    Displays: Current azimuth and elevation; your locator; AOS and LOS times; AOS and LOS Azimuth; range and height; MA and maximum elevation; orbit number and squint angle; time until next AOS or next LOS; pass duration

o    Two-line Keplerian elements are uploaded directly from your favourite terminal emulator (or telnet client if using the Ethernet interface).

o    Audible and vibrating Morse AOS alerts

o    Future firmware upgrades to support radio Doppler tuning

o    Maintains backwards compatibility with the original LVB Tracker 1, using GS-232 and Easycomm I software interfaces

The LVB Tracker 2 firmware structure


Paper presented at 2005 AMSAT UK Colloquium on LVB Tracker 2

Current Beta 18F2620 firmware source code

Current Beta 18F2620 firmware .HEX file for use with the programming software below or PIC programmer

Windows Beta command line programming software for 18F2620

Mail Howard, G6LVB