AO-40 Mode U/S Portable Station

Created 21 May 2001


Here's what I used out in the parking lot at Dayton this year to get a downlink from AO-40. The whole lot can be operated by one person. Indeed, with the 706 operated in the silver bag, the entire setup can be operated without the need for any external level surfaces. The 706 is configured to use the mic up/down buttons to act as a keyer allowing you to find your downlink. The CT-16 finishes it off: this little unit allows the two radios to perform satellite normal & reverse frequency tracking functions.

Top: IC-R10 with DB6NT receive converter underneath (note the strategic elastic band); Converted Mode U/S Arrow.

Bottom: 2Ah Battery, CT-16 Satellite interface unit, IC-706MkIIG


All packed away.


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