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Ham Satellite Links...

G6LVB Info archive


***LVB Tracker PCB's available now!***

How to operate a satellite...
UO-14 (RIP)

ISS Contacts
King's School, Canterbury
Soar Valley College, Leicester
Neston Primary School, Wiltshire
National Space Centre, Leicester

AO-40 Stuff
AO-40 mobile ops
AO-40 70cm CP Uplink antenna
AO-40 Doppler/MB observations
Beginners' Guide to Receiving AO-40
Dayton AO-40 Demo
AO-40 K Band (24GHz) Downlink
24GHz K Band image filter
Receive AO-40 with an N4IP 1.5"x1.5" antenna
A Practical Approach to Operating AO-40 - Clarifications & FAQs
Monaco Solo Mini DXpedition on AO-40
Entire AO-40 Station for under $500
60cm Sky Dish
Quadruple Helix for AO-40
Umbrella Dish for AO-40
Very Portable Umbrella Dish for AO-40
Low tech Doppler correction for AO-40
Portable Station
Modify that Arrow for AO-40
Receiving AO-40 with the IC-R3
My first go at receiving S-band AO-40

Equipment Info & Reviews
GH Engineering 2W & 18W 23cm amps
GH Engineering 72W 23cm amps
Yaesu FT-817
Kenwood THF-6A
Symek IFD
Wimo X-Quads

How to...
Work 9600 bps satellites with a soundcard
Build your own Arrow lookalike
Using Metal booms to support AMSAT Antennas
Build your own network analyser for 2.0 to 2.7GHz
Configure mIRC for AMSAT NET IRC
Use the FT-847 with satellites

My Station and its history
The Shack
Current Antennas & Schematic
Shack Schematic 24 Feb 2001
Shack Schematic 18 May 2000
Shack Schematic 13 Aug 2000
Phasing two Arrows for CP
Remote Polarization Switch
Remote Control of Mast Stuff

AO-16 U-Band 1200 BPSK - 2.5Mb
UO-11 S-Band carrier only - 404K
AO-16 S-Band - 376K
AO-40 S-Band - 478K

Satellite Prediction, Doppler Frequency Correction and Frequency Tracking
...on a PDA
Passband tracking on older radios
WispDDE info

Extending TX on IC-706MkIIG
Paccomm Sat Combo & FT-847
Receiving SSB with the IC-R3
Symek IFD
Paccomm TNC-NB96 at 38.4kbps 

The Rest...
On Vacation in LX & 3A
Cartoon in London Metro 11 Oct 2001
Using a Telescope as a Rotator
The first computer I programmed
When I was Young...
Japan Ham Fair 2003
AMSAT-UK Space 2000 on Safari

New Stuff...

LVB Tracker 2 (16 August 2005)

STELLA Satellite Linear Transponder DSP IF (1 August 2005)

SSETI Express Integration 26 & 27 March 2005 (29 March 2005)

Satellite Rename Utility (3 March 2005)

Las Vegas Boulevard (LVB) Tracker (8 December 2004)

SSETI Express S Band DTMF Telemetry Decoder (8 December 2004)

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